Re: FY-3D.

Ernst Lobsiger

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 04:21 AM, Graham Woolf wrote:
Do you have any lat/long values that appear to work more successfully or is it pot luck on each pass


Graham and Douglas

This looks as if you do not have some data that are needed for "true-color". Maybe some VIS data is not transmitted far north in the dark?

1) Can you give me a date and POI location and range you use that shows this problem (I have data 4 days back here) ?
2) Can you try a FY-3D IR (DAY!) composite with these input data that does not produce a VIS (DAY) "true_color" image ?
3) Can you have a look at the list [bestfiles] or use good old TCLogSummary.cmd to make sure you have no missing files?


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