Re: Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast

Ferdinand Valk

Thanks Ernst, your support is very much appreciated. I’m enjoying this avenue into the (for me) rather fresh territory of PyTroll/Satpy at 73 think it is good to join the ranks of the old farts club.





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Sent: Sunday, 08 November, 2020 19:35
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast


On Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 11:10 AM, Ferdinand Valk wrote:

Noaa_20:                          segdir = "F:/MSG/Images/VIIRS" + "/" + Yea + "/" + Mon + "/" + Day

Suomi_NPP:                     segdir = "J:/EUMETCast/received/hvs-1/E1H-RDS-1" + "/"


So it seems that the end of the second line should exclude the last “/”. That would indeed explain exactly what you indicated. Syntax issue.


I always use directories without a final "/". The line "files = glob(segdir + "/" + SVMC_npp_d ....*.h5) actually got a "//" but it seems glob()
-- that is similar to "dir" in Windows or "ls"  under GNU/Linux -- did its job anyway but returned the path and filenames with one "/" only!
But as explained offset was and remained 1 too much. What you did is "learning by doing" and that's what PyTROLL/Satpy is all about ...


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