Re: Double tuner in T1/T2

Esko Petaja

Hello all

I have card running but did not find adtap.bat Script
and SR-Terst.exe

Where i can find them ?

Br. Esko P

  • First you should install the BDADataEx software, and with the TBS device connected you should see one "TAP" adapter in the network section of the Device Manager.
  • Then run the addtap.bat script to allow access to the second tuner on the TBS6903 card.  Run this script with Admin privileges.  You should then see two TAP devices.
  • Connect the signal input to the A tuner.  Nothing is connected to the B tuner.
  • There is a program SR-Test.exe which connects the single RF feed to the two tuners in parallel.
  • Run the following script with Admin privilege.  I set the script to run at Windows start-up.

PUSHD \Tools\BDADataEx

timeout 5

start BDADataEx.exe
timeout 5

start BDADataEx.exe 1

timeout 5

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