Re: Pytroll/SatPy for EUMETCast

Christian Peters

FYI: The FY3D issue is fixed and should be available with the next release. 



Am 04.11.2020 um 18:08 schrieb Ernst Lobsiger via <ernst.lobsiger@...>:


Good to hear it's working now. We should not forget that SatPy is still in full development:

* "SatPy's interfaces are not guaranteed stable and may change until *
* version 1.0 when backwards compatibility will be a main focus."         *

So sometimes the latest and greatest version breaks a couple of things. That was the case
when they renamed readers (in a more structured way), when they changed from Python
2.7.x (not supported any more) to 3.6 and later 3.8. We have to live with that. On the other
hand as you said, PyTROLL/SatPy is ultra versatile. My HOWTO only scratches the surface ...


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