Re: FY-3D

Douglas Deans

Hello James,
I checked this morning and all seems well with FY-3D (other than the individual channel issue that Hugo will fix).
If you select 'True colours' do you have the same issue and does the faulty image also appear in the texture on the globe ?

Thanks Douglas,
None of the configuration alternatives do anything except change the colour of the bands. On the globe view the selected segments remain unfilled.
Might try a fresh installation when Hugo updates.

Very strange James, especially the segments remaining unfilled.
Cannot think of anything to help other than the very obvious (which I know you will have checked) such as is it the correct files etc. Might be worth a clean re-install just changing over your ini and poi files.
I assume all other sats are working fine in the program.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


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