SR1 RX Status.



Calling all SR1 users.

Does anyone know the 'workings' of the (Telnet accessed) SR1 RX status readout?

Do the Bad Frame Count and Bad Packet Count auto clean every so often?

I'm monitoring my TC missed packets for an Ops report - which was interrupted by the recent co-linearity events and yesterday's storm so I'll have to start again.
Ops suggested looking at the SR1 readouts as well.

At 10:30 UTC this morning I had 195 Bad Frame Counts and 2207 Bad Packet Counts - not sure what that means regarding TC bad packets figures.

At 17:30 UTC this afternoon I had 0 Bad Packet Counts and 0 Bad Frame Counts.


All day my SNR has been 13.00 dB plus.
Now 13.4 dB 'very steady' at 19:41.

Is this another anomaly with my SR1 readouts?

John Tellick.

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