Re: New EUMETCastView 1.4.8 release

Douglas Deans

On 25/10/2020 16:23, Hugo wrote:
I included the MERSI images of FY-3D in EUMETCastView. It was long overdue ...
I had to compile the new version in Qt 5.15.0, so the old dll's of previous releases won't be compatible...
The best thing to do do, is to create a new directory and to copy everything to the new directory. You can of course use
the old ini files from the previous release.
Always keep a copy of the previous release in case things go wrong ....
You will notice that  there is a "bow-tie" effect in the images of FY-3D just like the VIIRS images. So to get a clean picture
you must use a projection.
Kind regards,

Many thanks Hugo. All seems to be working fine so appreciate your efforts in re-compiling.
While I am writing can I ask one very minor question.

Since about 2 or maybe 3 updates ago I notice that the toolbox opens too narrow to see all contents so I have to adjust it. However on closing and re-opening the program it is back to its old too narrow position. Before that it held the chosen size across close/open. Is there some way to fix the size that I am missing.

Thanks again for your hard work.

Best regards,

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