Re: FY-3D

Ernst Lobsiger

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 12:06 PM, Douglas Deans wrote:
Yes but not just yet as I am very busy at the moment (decorating a room that needs to get back in use !).
I look forward to seeing what Eumetsat say about the NPP, NOAA 20 issues that John has written to them about and sent verbose log files etc.
I am also hoping that they may check some things as they monitor the MSG-1 group although probably not over the weekend.

Will keep in touch.

Douglas, Graham, and John

I had a look at all three sats Noaa_20 (VIIRS), Suomi_NPP (VIIRS), and FY-3D (MERSI) for the last 3 days.
It's quite obvious that the EARS processing/dissemination chain is broken somehow. I'll report that to OPS.


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