Re: Double tuner in T1/T2

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I am just updating my systems. Is it possible to use double tuner capability of devices to receive from both transponders T1/T2 with same card. ??

TBS-6903/6908 or SR 1

Br. Esko Petäjä


Yes, I'm using a TBS6903 PCIe card in a PC receiving both T1/HVS-1 and T2/HVS-2 (likely it would do BAS as well but I have no need in that PC). It's in the single-cable configuration. Works well, but the TBS IP reception software continually crashed that Windows-10 PC, so I use BDADataEx instead. It doesn't stretch that PC much - it's receive-only supply a limited subset of HVS-1 data (GOES-16/17 and Himawari) over the house network.

SR1 - one transponder only.

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