Re: Double tuner in T1/T2

Ernst Lobsiger


Double tuner with T1+T2 reception is possible with 1 TBS-6903 even with a single cable.
TBS-6908 is like 2 x TBS-6903 (overkill, up to 4 transponders like T1 or T2 possible).

An SR1 can only receive 1 transponder of the EUMETCast T1 or T2 kind (with ACM/VCM).
So you need 2 SR1 for T1+T2 and 2 LNB cables or 1 LNB cable and a HF power splitter.


Am 24.10.2020 10:25, schrieb Esko Petaja:

I am just updating my systems. Is it possible to use double tuner
capability of devices to receive from both transponders T1/T2 with
same  card. ??
TBS-6903/6908 or SR 1
Br. Esko Petäjä

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