Re: FY-3D

Douglas Deans

On 23/10/2020 10:17, Ian Deans via wrote:

Just checked my FY-3D files for today and the pass to the west of the uk has 1 minute files starting 13.49 up to 14.02 which starts in Africa and just includes the very south of the UK. The next file is 15.32 on the next pass. So most of the UK and north missing completely.

If anyone else can check their files that would be helpful.
Files are typically :-


There are also similar location files for each time sector.
Spare a thought for us Windows guys, we do not have any program that can even visualise FY3D ---- our gap is total !!!!!

Hugo has added FY-3D to EUMETCASTView but at the moment only the Linux version. He did tell me some time ago that he hopes to compile a new Windows version. I don't know if that is still the plan... but I hope so.


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