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Hi Douglas

That was my plan yes - Im not sure how the files get moved across but I will sort that out at some stage

Re the issue i asked you about with missing data on VIIRS,NOAA20 and FY3D I emailed OPS and got the following reply




If using USB there's an element of luck judging by my recent experience, and I find a network connection to be more reliable. I have two PCs which are essentially capture-only, both not this year's model!

PC Harstad,
8 GB memory, i5-4460, no special graphics card, 500 GB HD, 4 GB RAMdisk
2nd network interface for an SR1.
If I were buying today, I might get 16 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD (system) 0.5-2 TB HD as data buffer
Received data is on RAMdisk, and a Robocopy job moves it to the HD every minute
Received data offered as a network share, so the MSG Data Manager etc points to \\Harstad\received - used by PC Penguin.

HVS-1 & HVS-2
PC Lund,
16 GB memory, i5-6400, no special graphics card, 128 GB SSD, 4 TB HD as buffer, 10 GB RAMdisk
TBS6903 PCIe card with "single-cable" operation.
For various reasons:
HVS-2 received on RAMdisk and deleted immediately.
HVS-1 received on RAMdisk and Robocopy moved to HD, and unwanted deleted immediately.
Wanted HVS-1 channels (Metop-A, GOES-16/17) made available as network shares for another PC to receive (PC Penguin), shared over the house 1 Gbps LAN.

SVMC_ files are 600+ MB monsters which, in my view, deserve no place on the BAS!

One advantage of the two PC system is that you can, if you wish, disable updates on the RX PC so that data is continually collected, and the processing PCs can be kept up-to-date with Windows Update without data loss.

I hope all the above is correct.


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