Re: PC Spec

Graham Woolf

Hi Douglas

That was my plan yes - Im not sure how the files get moved across but I will sort that out at some stage

Re the issue i asked you about with missing data on VIIRS,NOAA20 and FY3D I emailed OPS and got the following reply

Dear Graham Woolf,


We do not see any problem with the data and we are also not aware of problems with SNPP VIIRS, NOAA20 or FY3D.

The files you mentioned are this type: 





 Could you please send us the tellicast log files (recv_bas.log and recv_hvs-1.log) in order to check all the files  were disseminated via EUMETCast?

 We hope you have the tellicast log files in verbose mode.

Unfortunately I dont run in verbose mode



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