Re: PC Spec

Douglas Deans

On 22/10/2020 14:06, Graham Woolf wrote:
At the moment I do all my Eumetcast reception on my main PC along with all my other work and bits and pieces which means I suffer from the occassional lossĀ  of data
I am thinking of getting a dedicated PC just for Eumetcast reception and wondered if anyone could advise me on the minimum spec to go for regarding CPU , Ram HDD etc
I have two SR1s and take BAS, HVS1 and HVS2 so would need two network ports or an alternative would be 3 USB ports
Any ideas would be much appreciated

Graham is your intention to receive and save the data only on your Eumetcast computer and use the other computer (across a network ?) to process the datas. For future larger data sets I am thinking along those lines as well although I already have a very good specification back up computer (8 years old) I could use.
Initial quick tests seem to indicate that the occassional losses do not stop.


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