Re: Silicon Labs CP210x driver.

James Brown

Hi John,
My impression was that you needed to connect the SR1 to the desired com port (no clashes - I also run a weather station that uses the same sw) and then the port would show up in the device manager. 



On 18 Oct 2020, at 17:41, geojohnt via <geojohnt@...> wrote:

Hello All,

I'm going round in circles!

Does the SR1 have to be disconnected before you install this software?
The Ayecka SR1 DVB Receiver EUMETCast Guide appears to suggest this.

I run 24/7 and don't want to interrupt the service but Ops suggest that my TC missing packets and SR1 Controller anomalies might be due to using the data link for monitoring.
I have bags of SNR and my computer is not 'stressed' so I shouldn't see missed packets(?).

I have cleared out all my old copies of CP210x - which were 'all over the place,' and just downloaded a fresh copy.
I unzipped the zip file and ran the installer and the Wizard told me that the software/driver was ready to use.
However, it refuses to show in Device Manager Ports (COM & LPT) list.

I'm losing the will to live.

John Tellick.

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