Silicon Labs CP210x driver.


Hello All,

I'm going round in circles!

Does the SR1 have to be disconnected before you install this software?
The Ayecka SR1 DVB Receiver EUMETCast Guide appears to suggest this.

I run 24/7 and don't want to interrupt the service but Ops suggest that my TC missing packets and SR1 Controller anomalies might be due to using the data link for monitoring.
I have bags of SNR and my computer is not 'stressed' so I shouldn't see missed packets(?).

I have cleared out all my old copies of CP210x - which were 'all over the place,' and just downloaded a fresh copy.
I unzipped the zip file and ran the installer and the Wizard told me that the software/driver was ready to use.
However, it refuses to show in Device Manager Ports (COM & LPT) list.

I'm losing the will to live.

John Tellick.

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