Re: Solar outage.



Yes, sorry about the RTF - I don't know how I manged to get logs of 'both flavours.'

TW, I got a couple of 12 volt 3 amp mains adaptors from CPC today and the new one for the SR1 runs very much cooler than the old 12 v 2 amp adaptor.



I had wondered whether the power level was too high, but I don't think so 
at -25 dBm.

Yes, that's why I plot these things.  An offset in days of maximum suggests 
an elevation offset, and one in time an azimuth error (skewed, of course to 
the ecliptic (IIRC)).

Thanks for the text log (but no the RTF one).  I can't see any errors there, 
so perhaps this "not locked" is a sensor error rather than a real issue? 
Would be nice to hear from someone else seeing this error.

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Normal signal level (SNR?) at that time of day is 13.2 - 13.1 dB.

If you mean Power, then -25.0 dBm.

Interestingly(?) my decrease in SNR was slightly worse by a couple of
decimal points on the day after my closest co-linearity.
Both your WXtrack and Sun Outage Visualiser Simulation agreed on the degree
of co-linearity on both days.
Which might lead one to conclude that my dish elevation is slightly out?
But given that my clear sky SNR with a 1 m dish is usually 13.2 dB +/- 0.1
dB, I don't think there is much wrong with the alignment.
Certainly not enough to adjust the dish to try to gain an extra 0.2 dB SNR.

Attached a screen shot the day after my predicted maximum outage showing
SNR, BS and HVS-1 parameter readings.

And the BS and HVS-1 TC logs for the 6 second period of the SNR showing NO

Have I said this before(?) I'm beginning to think that this NOT LOCKED
indication every now and again by the SR1 Controller is an anomaly related
to my fairly frequent indication of negative Traffic.


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