Re: SR1 Red NOT LOCKED warning.

James Brown

On 10 Oct 2020, at 10:38, geojohnt via <> wrote:

Hello All,

My EUMETCast BS/HVS-1 system runs 24/7 and when I switched on the monitors at 08:30 this morning, the SR1 Controller showed a red NOT LOCKED warning. and Tellicast BS and HVS-1 icons were red (of course).
Checking, I found that data stopped on the 02:45 MSG-4 cycle.

SR1 was warm and showed a green power LED but red LNB input LED's.

Sorry to waffle on a bit - but I immediately expected 'the worst' - which may well happen one day and I don't have a replacement receiver.

John Tellick.
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