SR1 Red NOT LOCKED warning.


Hello All,

My EUMETCast BS/HVS-1 system runs 24/7 and when I switched on the monitors at 08:30 this morning, the SR1 Controller showed a red NOT LOCKED warning. and Tellicast  BS and HVS-1 icons were red (of course).
Checking, I found that data stopped on the 02:45 MSG-4 cycle.

SR1 was warm and showed a green power LED but red LNB input LED's.

Tried an unplug power reboot but this time the power LED and 'all LED's' were out.
However, the mains adapter showed 12.44 volts.

But I had been fooled in the past!
Sending my SR1 back to Nigel for 'repair' only to find that the receiver was OK and it was the mains adapter that was at fault which he replaced.

I'm sure many of you like me, will have a box of old assorted mains adapters from way back?
Of course, I found a few with 12 volts out but none gave the required 2 amps out.

I found a couple on amazon which I could have delivered by 22:00 tonight one showing it could be used with a variety of external USB HDD's
I checked my WD external USB HD and voila - its mains adapter was 12 V 2 A.

Plugging in the SR1 a bit gingerly, the power light lit red/green then green and the LNB ports red and then green for the connected port.
And data started flowing again.

Sorry to waffle on a bit - but I immediately expected 'the worst' - which may well happen one day and I don't have a replacement receiver.

John Tellick.


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