Re: TBS6903X and TBS6909X ready for EUMETCast under GNU/Linux

Ernst Lobsiger


my receiving PC is headless and managed via SSH. It can serve the files either via SAMBA (for Windows) or NFS (for GNU/Linux).

What you propose can be done as well: Take a small PC with 2 network cards (admin + multicast) and tell smcroute to send all
multicast traffic from the card to the 2nd network card. This works like 2 x SR1. Christian Peters has done that on a 55 Euro
PC adding a 10 Euro NIC (both from e-Bay). Add a cheap NetGear switch with IGMP Snooping and you can plug in more than one
receiver PC  (where you have the TC clients and EKU). Christian even had that running with a RASPI 4 with his 2 x TBS5925
as frontend. Unfortunately with the RASPI 4 he faced the "packet missed/recovered show" others also have on Windows 10.

Best Regards

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