TBS6903X and TBS6909X ready for EUMETCast under GNU/Linux

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All

These cards are not new. You will find different versions that
have been sold for at least 2 years now. Actually Mike Stevens
(Windows) and me (GNU/Linux) tested these cards in 2018 already.
While the TBS6909X didn't work at all the TBS6903X could be used
for EUMETCast but sometimes seemed to change its temper from PC boot
to PC boot. Other highend users of "headend" had issues with the
TBS6909X too. Problems occured with VCM but also when using many
transponders. This year TBS issued a version V2 of the TBS6903X that
I tested with mixed results. A tiny 22uF capacitor HW update finally
changed everything. The fix also brought my cards from 2018 to life.

For future EUMETCast receivers I see the TBS6909X of prime interest.
During the last months I have shown that this card can receive four
transponders of the EUMETCast Europe kind with *excellent* results.
Again this is GNU/Linux only, I cannot comment on Windows behaviour.

I attach a report I also sent to EUMETSAT. As this latest HW fix is
new (it dates from August 2020) these cards have not been tested by
EUMETSAT yet and there certainly will be no Setup Guide for a while.

Impatient EUMETCast users that cannot wait to get their TBS6909X
(final version label yet unknown) should not buy those from the
cheapest place they find as they risk to get a sample without the
latest fix. It is probably safe to buy directly from the TBS store
in China that sells the TBS6909X for US$ 279.-- (price checked now).


The TBS CEO told me, that they have fixed all cards in stock and that
they replace cards bought earlier that customers have problems with.

Best Regards,

To give you an idea I let a test receiver online for some more days:

Testbed Receiver Saturn: TBS6909X V11 + 22uF capacitor hand soldered
2 x (T1 + T2) = 4 transponders / 1 cable / adapter 0..3 / client 0..6
or if your system doesn't take bare IPs

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