Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

Robert Moore

Thanks John and Ernst, I didn’t appreciate that C/N of 18 was so remarkable, I wish I taken the screenshot then! I’m not very good at these things now – as I’ve often said, I’m only here to look at the pictures.

I can’t tweak my dish as I no longer work up ladders. The dish is getting a bit dirty, I suppose I could reach it with a spray of soapy water and then hose it with fresh (or wait for the rain), but I don’t know whether cleaning the dish would make much difference at all.

If I stopped taking HVS would I get any more consistent delivery of Basic images?

All very frustrating at present.

I’ll have another look at TD15.






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Aha, 'that more like it.'

The low SNR possibly causing your your more frequent gaps in data?







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Maybe misreading the console Ernst. I've attached a screenshot - C/N is 11 in this shot, it's been up and down.



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