Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

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Thanks for the advice.

Right, Windows search disabled.

- ensure that you are not running both Windows Defender /and/ the BullGard.

Interesting(?) that.
When I go to Settings > Windows Security > Firewall and Network protection [Domain network No action needed. Private network No action Needed. Public network No action needed] then click 'Who's protecting me.' > Manage providers > Security providers >

'Antivirus' says BullGuard AV on, Microsoft Defender AV off.

'Firewall' says BullGuard Firewall is turned on, Windows Firewall is turned on.

'Web protection' No providers.

When I 'mouse over' and click 'Windows Firewall' > open app > (thinking I can turn it off) I get another window - Firewall & network protection.

Domain network - Active domain network Not connected. BullGuard Firewall on. Microsoft Defender firewall off as using other providers.

For Active private networks - Not connected, BullGuard on, Defender off as using ........

For Public network (Networks in a public space such as an airport or coffee shop, and where your device is set to not discoverable) Active public networks: TALKTALK ........., Unidentified network [SR1?] - Bullguard on, Defender off as using .........

This for most here this is basic configuration (sorry everyone) but I find it confusing 'Public/Private' and a bit contradictory

I note you do not say turn BullGuard off.

Looking at BullGuard Network Activity, Tellicast is going 'through it.'
And I attach a couple of screen shots of part of its Manage Rules list which contain TC.

Also a shot - Settings - Skip files/folders - box is default ticked.
Should/could, Don't scan files from network locations, be ticked?

Oh, and I think you might have misunderstood me regarding GOES channel selection.
I can't find a way to deselect channels I don't want.



Thanks for disabling Windows search.

As I've mentioned before, I don't use or recommend BullGuard and consider the Microsoft Defender protection adequate for machines such as yours (assuming you are careful what Web sites you visit). Best to ask another user of that software.

GOES channel selection - there are boxes on the Setup tab. Uncheck those you don't want.

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