Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

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Thanks for your further comments.

I run MSG-4, IODC and RSS MDM's but in reduced channels.
The above MSG-4 MDM FSD FY-2H, FY-2G both 6 channels selected - GOMS all channels selected but it seems to have disappeared.
AVHRR Manager NOAA 19, Metop A, B and C.
MSG Animator Europe cropped IR - Today's date only.
Himawari - VIS, IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4.
GOES 16 and GOES 17 both full 16 channels appear selected - can these be trimmed?
Metop Manager x 2 for B and C.

I 'take' Modis data but don't have the programme open.

And in MSG-4 MDM Other - 1, ATOVS & sounder data Manage Ch. 1 data is ticked and all boxes below ticked ATOVS retention 1.

'Others-2' only Modis L1/L2 data Manage MODIS L1/L2 and Copy M02 sensor files is ticked - Data retention 1.
'Others-2' also only Ch. 12 data all three boxes ticked with Fire retention 1.

Sorry everyone if this is all a bit tedious.
Hopefully for some users it might be helpful?

One thing you mentioned that could be relevant - Anti-virus software.

As you know I use the 'dreaded' BullGuard software.
This computer running 24/7 is used for EUMETCast only but has an open Broadband Internet connection 24/7 for Windows and SatSignal updates.
EUMETCast data is (appears to be) going through BullGuard, as well.



Obviously I can't tell you what data you do or do not wish to take!

- For GOES it depends on what you want to do with the data. Quite reasonable false-colour images can be produced with the same wavebands as available on SEVIRI, visible 0.8 um and thermal 10 um - bands 3 and 13.

- For Manage CH.1 data, yes ticked, but it's unlikely you want IASI or much of the sounder data (do you use it?).

- For Other-2, the MODIS ticks sound correct.

However, before messing with those settings, some simpler changes that I would recommend:

- disabling Window search (the "disable the service" method

- ensure that you are not running both Windows Defender /and/ the BullGard.

- excluding all EUMETCast directories from the anti-virus (that's the \tmp\ and below, the \received\ and below). Normally with anti-virus excluding one directory will also exclude all those below it, so just two directories need excluding.

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