Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.



Thanks for pointing me (again) to TD 15.
It really is now quite comprehensive.

And I still have my 999 MB RAMdisk unused which I was going to (will) experiment with.
As you know Ops want me to do a couple of tests on my current setup which I'll do hopefully under clear sky conditions - when they return.

I've also thought of having a second HDD for HVS-1 alone.

[I have an SSD for 'Windows.']

TD 15 also recommends RAMdisk - and interestingly - SSD's which you used not to favour(?) as it points out HDD's are 'slow' in these days of high data level I/O's..
And, Ernst has pointed out that the new generation of HDD's are 'slower' and best avoided.

So I have a couple of updates to consider to 'speed things up?'



>Missed packets can be caused by a variety of reasons, and EUMETSAT's
>document TD 15 goes into a lot of the causes, slow or busy disks being the
>most likely culprits.  That's why a number of us now use a RAMdisk for both
>tmp and received data, with a e.g. Robocopy running once a minute to move
>any received files onto an HDD for further processing.  For BAS alone, I'd
>recommend ~1.5 GB RAMdisk.

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