Dish alignment - formally Re: [MSG-1] Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.



I seem to remember you said in the past that you were not sure about a tree, or was it part of a roof 'in the way?'
We will soon be coming up to Sun, satellite, dish co-linearity in October so you will have several days to see if anything is 'shadowing' your dish. 
In the meantime you can find out the Eutelsat 10 A solar crossing time for your location from David's WXtrack which will give you an idea of any current or future potential shadowing as the Sun gets lower towards co-linearity.

And have you tried (recommended by EUMETSAT) which will show what is 'ahead of your dish' locally.

Oh, and skew is very important since there is (also) a V channel transmitting at 11.623 GHz which needs to be nulled out with accurate skew adjustment.



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Hi John.
I know I should be getting more DB’s
I adjust the dish Manually as I don’t have a Dish Finder.
Using my mobile with Remote Desktop I adjust the dish to get the best signal.
I purchased a Inverto Black Ultra LNB a month and I found that I got 1db or so less signal than with my old Technomate T2 LNB
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Hello Cornish Man,
Well if you are in Cornwall and using a 110 cm dish, you've got problems.
But then I think we have discussed this in the past?
I'm using a 1 m dish with an Inverto Black Ultra LNB in SW London and at the moment 09:25 UTC with clear skies am getting 13.1 dB SNR with an SR1.
You are well within the maximum signal contour so should be getting much better SNR.


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