Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

Cornish Man

Wish I had 13 db, lucky if I cat 11.5 on clear days. Though I do have a 110cm dish


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Sorry for the delay in responding - just seen this 'way down the pile.'


My SNR is always around 13.00 dB in clear sky conditions, so I guess that is

not the problem and disabling HVS-1 won't make much difference?


>- check both TelliCast for [ideally] zero packet loss, missed and


>There are some systems where there is steady stream of missed and recovered

>packets, but with the same count for each.  Temporarily disable HVS-1 and

>check again.  BAS should have zero packet loss.



This is a bit 'worrying' as I don't remember ever having zero MP's even

before HVS-1.

And the old version of Tellicast.



Remember, I have an SR1 that regularly indicates minus (into the 1,000's)

value of traffic for up to 5 seconds.

And, as Ernst and I think, we get missed packets when we 'switch on' (use)

another quad LNB port on another receiver on the EUMETCast LNB.



At the moment my statistics from 2020-09-10 14:31 (13 days) are:



BS MPb4 FEC 2284.     FEC RP 181.



HVS-1 MPb4 FEC 1763     FEC RP 14.



SR1 statistics for same period Bad Frame Count 139.   Bad Packet Count 281.



I would not add too much weight to these figures, although through a clear

sky period, as I've been moving around in front of the dish doing patio work

and we had a period of heavy rain last night.









I'm pretty sure that Robert's issue with large EARS AVHRR gaps is something

other than simple lack of link margin, so I'll wait until he can report



Missed packets can be caused by a variety of reasons, and EUMETSAT's

document TD 15 goes into a lot of the causes, slow or busy disks being the

most likely culprits.  That's why a number of us now use a RAMdisk for both

tmp and received data, with a e.g. Robocopy running once a minute to move

any received files onto an HDD for further processing.  For BAS alone, I'd

recommend ~1.5 GB RAMdisk.


Obviously obstructing the dish will cause data loss, and heavy rain and

thick cloud (ice-crystal-topped) too.





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