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David will certainly comment as an experienced SR1 user how well the ON /OFF switching with SNR works.


I run three SR1 receivers (for various reasons) but they are set up exactly as Ernst recommends, with one for each service. That's done via the MODCOD Mask:

Note that setting the MODCOD mask is a little unusual. From the main menu, go to the system menu (option 4), and enter H immediately followed by the mask you want:

for the Basic Service alone, type: H1000<enter>
for either High Volume Service alone, type: H40000<enter>
for both services on transponder 1 type: H41000<enter>

Had to look that up on my own Web page! I did that because I wanted as near perfect BAS reception as possible. All this was originally done when we changed from DVB-S to DVB-S2 and the HVS was a twinkle in Klaus-Peter's eye! As Ernst notes, when you have a less than ideal link margin, low signal can cause failures in the HVS-1, perhaps the receiver doesn't detect the end of the faster data stream, and this can introduce errors in the BAS as well.

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