Re: How to arrange receivers

Ernst Lobsiger


If you come to the conclusion that there is no really interesting data on HVS-2 there is one more possibility:

You can use one SR1 for BASIC only and one SR1 for HVS-1 only. This way you degrade the first SR1
to what a SkyStar 2 eXpress HD can do (that you still occasionally find on e-Bay for 20 Euros). But
you are 100% sure to have the best possible BASIC reception on rainy days. I know there is the built
in possibility to switch HVS-1 off automatically depending on SNR and I admit I don't know how well that
works. I had several TBS-6925 PCIe cards (same demodulastor as the SR1) where I programmed the
driver to behave exactly like the SR1. The problem was that you need some integration time to have a
smoother SNR. Often very short term spikes and disturbances on HVS-1 still damaged BASIC reception.
I had the "solution" to switch OFF early but this way I didn't get as much from HVS-1 as actually possible.

David will certainly comment as an experienced SR1 user how well the ON /OFF switching with SNR works.


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