Re: TelliCast Missed Packets False Alarms

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as Ernst said, try to disable C-States (I did in complete). Cures the problem with the SkyStar2 eXpress HD and even on Smaug where I use two TBS 5925 the get full service. Even there it was ok only after switching off C-states.



Thanks, Ernst and Christian. I took a look this morning and there's nothing listed in the BIOS for C states. I did notice that the PC was set for "Balanced" rather than "Performance" power, but even after I changed that the steady missed/recovered issue persists. I would have thought that something in Windows might allow the C state to be set, but I've yet to find it.

I use the same nomenclature as TelliCast:

- missed: a packet not received correctly

- recovered: a packet which can be restored through TelliCast FEC (forward error correction)

- lost: a missed packet which can't be recovered

By the way, there was a sustained missed/recovered packets period last night on HVS-2 from ~20:20 to 20:45, seen by all active stations across Europe. Any explanation or comments?

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