Re: TelliCast Missed Packets False Alarms

Ernst Lobsiger

On Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 01:26 PM, R. Alblas wrote:
OK, thanks. So it's not really a 'missed' packet but a packet with  errors.


That's just the naming from the TelliCast clients WEB interface Statistics Page. If the packet cannot be fixed I count it "lost".
There is more: If packets are lost or even missing as you understand it special users have NAKs. They can send a NAK
(Not AKnowledged) to EUMETSAT. They then either get the missing data via Internet or (if a lot of people ask for the same
stuff because of UPLINK or transponder problems) there will be a retransmission of the missing data. Amateurs do not get
the NAK possibility but in rare occasions they can benefit from retransmissions. If you get the "Missed parts of file ..." message
in the TelliCast client log this means that a file will wait for hours as tmp file that has an internal gap filled with zeros longing for
a retransmission to fill this gap. That's the problem when using RAM disks as damaged tmp files can jam your RAM disk and
they sit and wait there for hours to be fixed. EUMETSAT can time per channel or kind of file how long a damaged tmp waits.


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