Re: TelliCast Missed Packets False Alarms

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Running out of other options: Have you tried to disable C-States in the BIOS (if possible at all)?
Christian recently had this deja vue with a Technisat SkyStar2 eXpress HD card on his Ancalagon.


Thanks, Ernst. No, I've not tried at. I see 13 C-states listed here:

Were you thinking of any particular one?

What was Christian's problem exactly? Perhaps there is a message reference?

I wish I knew the time that it takes for a missed packet to be recovered. USB devices are polled every millisecond, so perhaps if the device isn't polled sufficiently frequently that's the missed packet, and on the next poll there's enough to recover the packet. Perhaps the USB is too busy? Why do we only see this on direct PCie and USB devices, and even then only on /some/ systems. I've never seen this on network-connected receivers where the MTU is about three times bigger (1500 bytes) than what I've seen quoted for USB 2 (500 bytes).

Back of envelope sum: USB practical max, say 240 Mbps, 30 MBps, 1 millisecond polling => 30 kB per poll. EUMETCast Basic Service 55 Mbps, well under 240 Mbps. Doesn't help!

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