Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

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I have my weekend job, checking packet loss etc. Meanwhile a different problem has emerged: a very nice NOAA-19 image this morning 0620_NOAA19_59849, no missing segments. The latitude of my home station is correctly entered in HRPT Reader, the countries.dat file is present and Keplers are up to date (today). But HRPT Reader says I am at 2.75 degrees south, when I'm 53.26 degrees north. So I turned on country outlines; outline of southern England just visible off the top of the image. Denmark is just below the outline for the southern coast of West Africa - obviously the outline is serious displaced northwards. So turned on lat. and long. markers - to my surprise the longitude line converged southwards, the with North pole somewhere in South Africa (not visible in this image) and I'm now at 3.3 South, Denmark on the Equator.
So; outlines displaced drastically northwards, right way up, and lat/long upside down. The image itself excellent!
Might it be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall AVHRR Manager just to eliminate any corruption of something somewhere?



Overlays being way off very strongly suggests that your Kepler data is way out of date. Look at the View, Diagnostics menu, and search for lines like:

Decoded pass quarter hour is 2019-May-15 10:00 UTC
Update orbit data for METOP-A read from C:\Tools\SatSignal\HRPTreader\Keps\Updates\METOP-A.txt
Orbit data is only 0.1 days stale - OK

Perhaps the HRPT Reader isn't looking where you expected? Remember that the HRPT Reader can accept either current data (like weather.txt with multiple satellite) or historic data such as METOP-A.txt with many entries for a single satellite. My KeplerUpdater will keep the historic data current. If yours has lapsed, there's a daily update here:


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