Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

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Hi all

I thought this would be a suitable thread to post my problem with setting up a Eumetcast system. I basically started a new system besides using an existing dish which was aligned correctly.

I am based in South Africa so I am using the Eumetcast Africa service, using a Norva satellite receiver on Windows 10. I installed the EKU, tellisat and configured the receiver. The EKU and receiver are working fine and I am able to connect to the announcement channel (TSL-AFR-1) but none of the additional data channels appear even though the license is active.

I would appreciate any advice.

Kind regards,
Jean du Preez


- are the PIDs correct?

- what does the TelliCast log file say? The last few lines, that is!

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