Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

Robert Moore

I have my weekend job, checking packet loss etc. Meanwhile a different problem has emerged: a very nice NOAA-19 image this morning 0620_NOAA19_59849, no missing segments. The latitude of my home station is correctly entered in HRPT Reader, the countries.dat file is present and Keplers are up to date (today). But HRPT Reader says I am at 2.75 degrees south, when I'm 53.26 degrees north. So I turned on country outlines; outline of southern England just visible off the top of the image. Denmark is just below the outline for the southern coast of West Africa - obviously the outline is serious displaced northwards. So turned on lat. and long. markers - to my surprise the longitude line converged southwards, the with North pole somewhere in South Africa (not visible in this image) and I'm now at 3.3 South, Denmark on the Equator.
So; outlines displaced drastically northwards, right way up, and lat/long upside down. The image itself excellent!
Might it be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall AVHRR Manager just to eliminate any corruption of something somewhere?


Thanks for the response David.
** I can only judge from reception of MSG, RSS, GOES-16 and 17, Himawari and IODC. All coming through to the processing PC perfectly. The Ethernet graph in Task Manager/Performance on the receiver shows moderate traffic but at regular intervals has a burst for which the peaks go off the top of the scale.

** EUMETSAT_data_channel_1 has files that don’t appear to be moving: BUFR,
NOAA-19 and BIN files. ‘Delete files from RX’ is ticked in AVHRR Manager [] Thanks for the help.



Thanks for the answers.

"Perfect reception": The programs handling the data you mention have the ability to fill in missing data (by the Persistent Images setting). So it's possible that any imperfections are being hidden. Use the Tools, Missing Segments Report... menu option to see whether the reception is as perfect as you expect.

"Unused files": The EARS AVHRR Manager should be handling the NOAA-19 data.
Is there an image on the NOAA_19 tab, and if so, what is the date of that image in the lower left corner. On the Ground Stations tab, is NOAA-19 checked (I don't think that makes a difference) and it the Kepler status showing a sensible age? The program version here is a beta 2019-Mar-11, although 4.1.2 is the release version.

"BUFR and BIN data": Is the "Process AVHRR polar winds" box checked in the relevant Metop Managers?

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