Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Peter Novak

Hi Jean,

I am based in South Africa so I am using the Eumetcast Africa service,
using a Norva satellite receiver on Windows 10. I installed the EKU,
tellisat and configured the receiver. The EKU and receiver are working fine
and I am able to connect to the announcement channel (TSL-AFR-1) but none
of the additional data channels appear even though the license is active.
That sounds like exactly the same confusion we ended up with. I suggest
the following:
1. keep the system running for several hours
2. after, say half a day, check
a) the data output directory for content (normally you'd expect
several dozens of megabytes of output data); and
b) check the number of reported missed packets and amount of
received data.

The point is that the web interface seems to be reporting "Connected" to
a channel only during the short period of time when it is actually
receiving/decoding a file. Out of those times it reports no connection
to data channel - it simply seems like it is "not connected". Since the
setup can go for longer periods of time without receiving anything,
depending on your configuration of products you want to receive in your
DVB-S2 receiver, it is easy to fall into a trap of thinking that the
system is not configured properly (because you see no "Connected"
status), while it is only not actively receiving anything at the moment
you are looking at it.



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