Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

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From: Ernst Lobsiger via
Agreed, Windows must be far easier for setting up a TelliCast receiver.
K.-P. is doing his best to make GNU/Linux TC receivers still possible.
But as you said, different distributions make this "mission impossible".
On the other hand automatic updates from Microsoft must be a nightmare.

I'm unsure about Linux updates. On the one hand the lack of automatic updates concerns me, on the other many of the updates I've seen have major problems due to lack of backwards compatibility. Certain programs which you might expect to be stable (e.g. gpsd) on closer examination are just in permanent beta. "Oh, we don't support that now". "Oh, that changed on 3.20 (but 3.17 in the latest in the distribution)". "Oh, that won't work unless you recompile from source". "Oh, you need to [attempt to] uninstall the version from the distribution" - except that it doesn't completely uninstall. You'll gather I've spent weeks trying to get this to work, I'd rather not go there again!

Some packages, such as NTP, work nicely and are even cross-platform!

It's straight-forward to turn off Windows Updates if you don't want them, and you can delay them if you wish. They're on the second Tuesday of the month, so you know when to expect them. Usually the monthly "security" updates are without problems, the six monthly "feature" updates may have minor issues, but there are so many beta [Windows Insider] users that any issues are either fixed before release, or very well documented. The only significant one recently was that microphone access was disabled by default, and those who hadn't been keeping in touch found that some sound programs couldn't find a sound source. Easily fixed with a single click change.

In practice, Windows-10 updates are usually not a significant issue.

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