Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Peter Novak

continuation of this thread comes in quite timely for what we are doing.
We also are at the moment collecting "experiences" with a fresh install
of EUMETCast reception station with Ayecka SR1. Just yesterday we tried
to install Tellicast + Safenet Auth Client on Debian 10 Buster. Only
much later into the install we realised that Debian 10 is not yet well
supported, but we tried our luck. We have some mixed "feelings" about
that. Maybe this post could be useful to somebody and/or somebody will
be able to identify/explain the issues we had to work around.

1. after the installation according to EUMETSAT instructions Tellicast
did not work out of the box. The EKU dongle was recognised as
"Aladdin Knowledge Systems Token JC", but Tellicast was constantly
crashing with logs like these:
[Sep15 13:09] tc-cast-client[1046]: segfault at 968 ip 00007f6f3a73f8bb sp 00007ffce06ee290 error 4 in[7f6f3a73f000+f000]
[ +0.000003] Code: 00 00 0f 05 89 82 d0 02 00 00 48 8d 82 10 03 00 00 64 48 89 04 25 10 05 00 00 64 c6 04 25 12 06 00 00 01 48 8b 2d 35 57 01 00 <48> 8b 85 68 09 00 00 64 48 89 04 25 20 06 00 00 48 8d ba e0 02 00
2. we found Ernst's write-up at,,,20,1,0,0&jump=1
This was very useful for understanding of how shaky the whole
installation process can be on various Linux distros. We applied most
of the relevant advice in that post, but did not get rid of those
3. we diagnosed that Tellicast cannot connect to the EKU as
`tc-cast-client -k` was unable to list the host_key_4 as "Aladdin
EToken PRO" correctly. This led to suspicion that maybe the dongle
drivers are the culprit.
4. we also quickly realised that the SAC software is some 3rd party
piece operating the dongle. Some googling around revealed that
actually EUMETSAT publishes an old version of the driver (9.0.43).
Since we are on a relatively new Linux distro, we figured that 9.0.43
might be incompatible with our system and simply fails silently.
5. at this point, we decided to just install another version of that
driver to see what happens. If we'd be lucky, Tellicast won't mind
and on the other hand, the new driver might be happy with Debian 10.
We found version 10.7.77 published by GlobalSign at
This is probably not safe and feels fishy, but we hoped to get a
debugging data point out of that. So we gave it a try.
6. long story short, the whole thing worked. Suddenly Tellicast stopped
crashing and started to decode Announcement Channel packets. After
some fiddling, we even managed to start receiving Basic Service.
7. this is not yet a full success, because we observe that most of the
time (say 5 out of 7) Tellicast hangs upon start as follows:
MSG:2020-09-15 12:12:45.353:Program started =============
MSG:2020-09-15 12:12:45.353:Watchdog starting... [3520]
MSG:2020-09-15 12:12:45.353:Watchdog started [3520].
MSG:2020-09-15 12:12:45.405:Starting new child...
MSG:2020-09-15 12:12:45.405:Started new child [3523].
VRB:2020-09-15 12:12:45.606:Child connecting to watchdog on port 46857 ...

However, upon shutdown of such a hanged tc-cast-client, the logs reveal
that for a moment the launch initialises dongle, HTTP server, etc. and
then terminates. So this seems like some timing issue or so.

If anybody has advice on this, we would appreciate comments.



On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 01:24:25PM -0700, Andreas Mueller wrote:


thanks for taking care ...

yes i've picked both 64bit versions:

For the TBS driver build i followed


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