Re: TelliCast Missed Packets False Alarms

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As I said before this is not a driver problem which also means it's not receiver dependant. I have two
receivers that use the stiid135 chip and only one receiver has had the problem. Christian uses an old
stv0903 chip. The only coincidence is that Christian uses my scripts and that both of us also use ntp.
The statistics page is dumped and then analized with textbrowser w3m while under Windows IIRC
you use wget to dump this page (do you?).

If these scripts work correctly then 07:50 and 07:55 there must have been some missed and not recovered
= lost packets while 07:59 "TelliCastStatsCollector" found again missed/recovered = 0/0 on the same page.

Two rather unlikely explanations come to mind:
a) The client (auto) reseted the statistics page between 07:55 and 07:59 (Terra still has 0/0 now)
b) The eLuna update script 07:50 and 07:55 ended in error that somehow filled lost packets in the rrd DB.



Well it appears to be a driver or receiver problem as with the same Windows-10/64 PC no missed packets with a networked Ayecka RX, continuous missed/recovered with a TBS5927/BDADataEx. Different receiver chip?

Under Windows I use my own software to retrieve the statistics page, not wget. URL:

url := 'http://' + node + '/www/tsl/receiver/tsl_receiver_statistics.html';

where node includes the port number.

I can certainly see that there is a time window where a small number of errors might be corrected between one reporting interval and the next, but I imagine that to be within a few packets, so likely well under a millisecond. Yes, we should check that out! But I don't recall ever seeing the count being reset to zero. Missed and recovered being equal and non-zero, yes. But never going backwards.

Perhaps the Linux variant of TelliCast behaves differently? Seems unlikely!

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