Re: Gaps in AVHRR images yesterday.

Robert Moore

Thanks for the response David.

Hard disk full? Has any disk on your system run out of space?
** I have rather excessive disk space, 1TB for each of BAS and HSV-1. 90% of BAS free and 99% of HVS-1!
The EUMETCAST disk on the processing PC is 90% free.

- are you maxing out on CPU?
**CPU on receiver is running at around 7% and on processing PC (which is also busy with other things) fluctuates between approx. 23% and 45% but mainly at the lower end of this range.

- I know that in the past you have had problems with the network link between receiver PC and processing PC. Perhaps you are still running a two-receiver system (as I do here)? If there are still network link issues those need to be resolved first.
** I can only judge from reception of MSG, RSS, GOES-16 and 17, Himawari and IODC. All coming through to the processing PC perfectly. The Ethernet graph in Task Manager/Performance on the receiver shows moderate traffic but at regular intervals has a burst for which the peaks go off the top of the scale.

My suit of programs /must/ be able to delete files in the receive directory tree, so check whether there is unprocessed data being left behind in EUMETSAT_data_channel_1.
** EUMETSAT_data_channel_1 has files that don’t appear to be moving: BUFR, NOAA-19 and BIN files. ‘Delete files from RX’ is ticked in AVHRR Manager

- I assume your TelliCast software is at least version 2.14.5. The current version is 2.14.6 but there's no specific need to upgrade [yet] if 2.14.5 is working correctly.

- You should have a separate receive directory for EUMETSAT Data Channel 1, and be pointing the EARS AVHRR Manager to that directory. The channel entry should be something like:
name=EUMETSAT Data Channel 1

** Well, I used to send these data to a folder called ….\received\EARS. But I have now altered this to data_Channel_1 and pointed the Manager at it. I don’t have the ‘receive_buffer_size=8000000’ line. Should I add it?

- what you describe (high segment loss) is symptomatic of having TWO EARS AVHRR Managers running. Is that possible? Is there a third-party program which might be accessing the received directory?

** I’ve been through task Manager and can find nothing that should not be there. Other than all the Windows stuff the only programs running on this PC are BAS, HVS-1 and the Tellicast software.

Thanks for the help.


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