Re: suddenly not locked through my ayecka sr1

James Brown

A couple of us found an original PSU to become faulty. Enough volts I seem to remember but not enough current. Might be worth trying a different PSU?


On 3 Sep 2020, at 18:34, Philip Robinson <philip57@...> wrote:

my ayecka SR1 has worked perfectly for the past 2 years. 
I havent changed any settings
i now have the tuner status, demodulator status and transport status not locked. ( Red light on the RF1 )
All connections are tight.

Do you think that the dish alignment has moved or is it possible that the ayecka SR1 is now faulty.  

Its not easy to reach the dish but if this is the problem i will have to get there and realign which i have never done before. The dish was originally aligned by a satellite expert friend. Unfortunately he has since past away.
Any thoughts

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