R. Alblas

Yes, this part uses the same temp-file construction. So 2 fixes in one...


On 03-09-2020 18:06, Douglas Deans via wrote:
On 03/09/2020 16:33, R. Alblas wrote:

xrit2pic has bunzip2 built-in. It reads both zipped and unzipped Himawari-files. You can also define to keep files which are unzipped as such, so they don't need to be unzipped again; see in:
Preferences, Files, zipping.

Good to hear that it works now.

(Btw, there used to be a xrit2pic mailing list which would be better for these kind of questions, but it seems to be dead now. Long time no activity there...)


Ah that is interesting because yesterday evening I tried some Metop and Himawari data and kept getting a 'preview not available' warning.
Now trying those data with the new revised program all is working fine.
Perhaps they also use a temp folder as with MSG data so the changes have solved that issue as well.  Excellent.

Thanks for your help and I will now try and master the advanced colour settings etc.


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