Ernst Lobsiger

Rob and Douglas

I can confirm that xrit2pic latest version works here on Windows 10.
I can make images of GOES, Himawari, Meteosat 0°, RSS, IODC.
I can also make images of Metop-A/B/C and NOAA-19 as disseminated
in EUMETSAT-Data-Channel-1. File format says "Raw1 10", "Raw2 10".
When I want to make the same Metop-B/C from channel EPS-10 I have
file format "Raw3 14". When pressing "Preview" xrit2pic crashes. It
yet opens the preview window and then just silently disappears ...


xrit2pic version 2020.3b
Build at Aug 27 2020, 15:36:46

Windows 10 PRO 2004

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