R. Alblas

On 01-09-2020 21:47, Douglas Deans via wrote:
On 01/09/2020 20:25, R. Alblas wrote:

Yes, wvt.dll is needed, but if it is missing then the program will not start anyway, and will give an error like: 'wvt.dll missing'. So the fact that xrit2pic runs (and shows the received files) means that you have all dll's in place.

I just downloaded xrit2pic 2020.3b on a windows-7 machine, and it runs fine. So why it doesn't run on win-10, I don't know. I'll see if I can find someone having win-10.


Thank you.
The preview window opens and lets me choose channels etc and then when I select one the image window opens and a green dot appears beside the selected channel suggesting all is well but the image window is black.

Does 'Export' do something? That should directly generate a file (pgm or jpeg) in the destination directory. (Btw, if you open a tree item you can select a channel and then create an image without the extra popup.)


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