Ernst Lobsiger

Rob and Douglas

I have used XRIT2PIC 10 years ago under GNU/Linux and the a couple of years the cmd line version for batch processing.
Just for curiosity I now installed your latest version. The setup has always been somewhat special as I do not let XRIT2PIC
handle the received file system. Now I installed SAMBA on one of my GNU/Linux receivers and it took me 1 hour to get the
first RGB previews under Windows 10. My main question is now for Rob: How to setup the source directory. It is read only!

Z:\ Channel_2\2020\09\01\All EUMETCast received Files of Channel_2 from today              Z:\   is a SBM share over CIFS

All EUMETCast Channels have root Z:\ and then Year\Mon\Day\Files                      I store one week of files on the receiver.

If I just say Z:\ is the source of the files XRIT2PIC does not seem to setup a file tree. So what are my easiest possibilities?


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