Douglas Deans

On 01/09/2020 11:25, R. Alblas wrote:
Does xrit2pic show a list of received files?
If you select a line in the list, and then do menu 'File->Fileinfo selected', does that show a clickable tree with file information?
What files do you have; MSG received from Eumetcast?
Note that MSG from Internet appears ro be hdf4 files (not hdf5), which xrit2pic doesn't support (yet).

Hello Rob and thanks for the reply.
Yes I have a list of received files eg MSG4 HRIT etc.
When I expand one I see the channels, information etc., all correctly.
The tree expands correctly down to individual segments.
The file information on the trees is exactly as shown on your manual images.
The files are all Eumetcast received (not internet).
If I select the preview box and then a channel (or all) everything seems to work but the window is black.
Even with a single HRIT segment from one of the channels the window is black with no image.


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