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Hello Ernst,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes you are right, I'm sure this is the way professional satellite receivers are configured and makes sense for C-band and Ku-band reception configuration.

And I see the professional Novra receiver configures this way also.

Since the birth of EUMETCast via commercial Ku-band satellites, we have (mostly) used the Skystar 2 card and the DVBWorld receiver, both domestic (and cheap) satellite TV receivers so one - I - have become used to this.
Tuning/configuring, these via the 'IF frequency' would not have been a good idea for the 'general public' and myself.
As is the case today with domestic satellite TV receivers.

I see that TBS cards use the 'satellite frequency' in setting up also.

A question of 'old dog - new tricks?'

>(I checked the other transponders on LyngSat and FlySat of all satellites near Eutelsat 10A. It must be >Hotbird 13°E).

Yes, I too have looked at adjacent satellite frequencies.

Berst wishes,


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Ernst, one thing I find 'annoying' is that the SR1 uses the downconverted (LNB) frequency in setting up not the (as with satellite TV receivers) the 'satellite's transmitted frequency.
I wonder if this is also so with the TBS (and other) receivers?

The SR1 approach might be more universal. Think of L-Band LNBs for EUMETCast Africa with different LO Frequencies.
But of course you basically have to know how an Universal LNB works, what 13 / 18 Volt and 0 / 22 KHz signal changes.

Here is a GNU/Linux tuning file I copied from an archived version of a site I had pre 2014:

Eutelsat  9A TP 66 61.3Mbps-8PSK-TV:12034:vC34S1M5O20:0:27500:::
Eutelsat  9A TP 68 59.9Mbps-8PSK-TV+IP:12073:vC34S1M5O20:0:27500:::
Eutelsat  9A TP 69 61.3Mbps-8PSK-TV:12092:hC34S1M5O20:0:27500:::
Eutelsat 10A TP C1 49.6Mbps-QPSK-TV+IP:11221:vC56S1M2O20:0:30000:::
Eutelsat 10A TP C9 72.7Mbps-8PSK-TV:11387:vC56S1M5O20:0:30000:::
Eutelsat 10A TPC11 74.3Mbps-8PSK-TV:11428:vC56S1M5O20:0:30000:::

Yes, it directly uses the transponder frequencies. Not sure the rest looks more comprehensive to you though :-).

The first line shows that the profile Quentin can lock is meant for the old pre 2014 EUMETCast DVB-S on Eurobird 9°.
It seems this is still around on EUMETSAT's ftp site. Now in 2020 it accidentally fits to "Sky Italia" TV on Hotbird 13°E
(I checked the other transponders on LyngSat and FlySat of all satellites near Eutelsat 10A. It must be Hotbird 13°E).


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