Re: Ayecka SR1 in a multiswitch system

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Ok, perhaps more information is needed.
So, here are my settings:

RX 1 Configuration
1. Configuration Set 1 Active
2. Configuration Set 2 Not Active
3. Search Enable Enabled
4. Configuration Sets Management

Configuration Set 1

1. Tuner Frequency 1512.500 MHz
2. Tuner Acquisition Bandwidth 10.000 MHz
3. Standard DVB-S2
4. Coding Mode VCM
5. Symbol Rate Auto
6. MODCOD Auto
7. RollOff Auto
8. Pilot Auto
9. Spectral Inversion Auto
A. Gold Code 0
B. Frame Type Auto
C. Encapsulation MPEG-TS
D. ISI 1
E. Filters Table
F. LNB power 18V
G. LNB compensation Off
H. 22 KHz Off
I. Status Active
J. Profile Name EUMETCast DVB-S2 T1
K. DiSEqC Switch Control SAT B
L. DiSEqC General Command 0x0
M. Tuner Filter Bandwidth 72.000 MHz

SR1c Serial No. 103777 30AAC Run Time: 0:15:45
SW Ver 1.05b265 V HW Ver 2.02 FW Ver 2.02b022 V BL Ver 1.01b15

RX1: Active, Not Locked
EUMETCast DVB-S2 T1 1512.500 MHz, Auto

RX2: Not Active, Not Locked
Profile 1 1100.000 MHz, Auto


As you can see I get no lock. What is wrong with my settings?



I'm using a direct connection to an outlet of a quad LNB. The only significant difference I see is:

*K. DiSEqC Switch Control SAT B*

K. DiSEqC Switch Control SAT A

Minor differences:

1. Tuner Frequency 1513.000 MHz
J. Profile Name EUMETCast DVB-S2

I have no experience of multi-switch systems. Looks like no signal is getting to the device. Can you try a direct connection just for a test? My headline shows a 12.2 dB Es/No value, yours shows none:

SR1c Serial No. 104670 30AAC Run Time: 330:43:10
SW Ver 1.05b264 V HW Ver 2.05 FW Ver 2.02b022 V BL Ver 1.01b14

RX1: Active, Locked
EUMETCast DVB-S2 1513.000 MHz, Dummy PLframe, 32.993 Msps, ACM, 12.2 dB

RX2: Not Active, Not Locked
Profile 1 1100.000 MHz, Auto

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