Re: EUTMETCast DVB-S2 Unable to lock

Ernst Lobsiger

> Another alternative for overcast skies is to use online dish pointing calculators such as:


Yes dishpointer is the preferred site for aligning azimuth with landmarks. Beware of messing with compass an magnetic stuff.


If you want to try the solar trick and do not have software to determine the exact solar position with time you can do this:

1) Go to dishpointer to get the azimuth (NOT the magnetic one).
2) Go to the NOAA solar position calculator. You will have to enter the time a couple of times to approximate your azimuth as close as possible
(there used to be a site of a french guy that did it all automagically and gave the time for azimuth. Does anybody have the URL? Is it still online?)

3) Set your clock exactly, go to the dish, put the tape on, and wait for the sun ...


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