Re: EUTMETCast DVB-S2 Unable to lock

Quentin P.A. Leroy


Indeed, this is what leads me to believe I'm not receiving either transponder C4 or C10, nor basic service nor HVS.

Whenever I try the 1513.000MHz frequency with DVB-S2 standard, ACM or VCM mode, leaving the rest auto, the signal doesn't lock at all.

That's why I tried the 1376.000 MHz, that I found in a configuration file from a eumetsat repository:
This config file was rather minimal in explanations, it only mentioned "EUMETCast DVB-S" for this setting.
It is the way I interpreted your first advice, this look to me like another "channel" I manage lock on, which could be a good first step to understand if the antenna is correctly aligned.

I think that if I could found out what am I listening to at this frequency, it would be a helpful information.


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